About Legends MakeUP ACADEMY 

The next evolution in film and TV industry makeup education

Ve Neill, Lee Joyner and Paul Esper are all well known throughout the Hollywood makeup industry. Together, they bring a wealth of experience, artistry and business knowledge to the table. Deciding it was time to fill a critical void that existed in the film and television makeup education arena, they put their collective heads together and created Legends Makeup Academy.

LMA has created an entirely new approach to makeup education. You choose what you want to learn, focusing in on your specific training needs. No more will you be forced to take classes or subjects that that you don’t want or need at schools whose quality or approach you disagree with. No more having to purchase large packages in order to acquire one or two specific training elements.

Welcome to the next evolution in film and television makeup education!

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Ve Neill applying finishing touches to Steve Carell for Welcome to Marwen.

Education at LMA

There has never before in the history of makeup education been such a unique combination of industry experience, artistry, makeup education and industry connections than there now is with LMA. Our approach is unique in that we use a focused approach to train future makeup artists to be prepared for working on set utilizing a high level of artistic and technical knowledge.

Threaded throughout each class will be valuable real-world training, history instruction and truthful evaluations that will help you improve your skills for use in the current and future market. The instruction and class work will be challenging, your improvement will be visible and critiques will be honest and useful. 

The school is located in Studio City, a suburb of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. It’s only minutes from Burbank, 15 minutes from Hollywood, and located at the juncture of the main highway arteries to access the rest of Los Angeles, Glendale and Pasadena.

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Ve Neill and Nikoletta Skarlatos turning Andrew Garfield into the Web Crawler for The Amazing Spiderman.


– We will be honoring the Legends that came before us, introducing you to the Legends of today, and preparing you to be a Legend of tomorrow.

– Portfolio reviews will be part of our entry for a variety of classes. This enables us to keep a high level of respect, professionalism and focus in the classroom.

– We will be covering all aspects of makeup artistry, from beauty to realistic makeup, to special makeup FX and conceptual artistry.

– Students shouldn’t have to pay for classes they don’t need. Our Focus Class approach allows you to choose the skills you want to learn and bypass those you already excel at.

– Learn from trusted, skilled and renowned artists instead of unknown and untested instructors.

– Our methods, material and equipment are the same that the best artists in the world use to create their makeup artistry.

Ve Neill applying prosthetics to Jennifer Lawrence for The Hunger Games series.