legends class philosophy

Legends Makeup Academy is here to provide an entirely new approach to film and television makeup education. Our Focus Classes allow you, our important client, to choose which particular skills you’d like to target. You don’t have to commit to long term programs re-learning skills you already know just to get a “price break” or endure a teaching method that doesn’t live up to your ideals just to reach a class that appeals to you.

Examples of our class offerings will be character and beauty and lab at all levels (foundational, intermediate and advanced), life casting and scanning, teeth creation, conceptual sculpting and design classes, hairstyling, wig making and ventilating, airbrushing, body casting, prosthetics sculpture, molding and skin making, portfolio classes, business, history and much more! This will result in dozens of classes to choose from in various combinations of order, taught in an intimate and tailored educational environment.

The benefits to this approach are many, including:

– Not having to pay for classes you don’t want to take.

– Working within your budget and timeframe to allow you to customize your education to fit your needs.

– Allowing us to bring in highly specialized artists to teach you a particular skillset, ensuring you get the most up to date and focused training.

– Refining your already known skillsets by bypassing foundational training, directly moving on to more advanced classes (portfolio review may be necessary)

The instruction and class work will be challenging, your improvement will be visible and critiques will be honest and useful. Passing each class is not guaranteed and will require hard work. There will be daily class assessments.

Our classes will be small and exclusive, focusing on a proven teacher-to-student ratio. Due to this fact, we will have waiting lists, so please be sure to contact us to tell us your interests and start dates once we announce our class slate and dates.

Some examples of our upcoming classes will be targeted aspects of beauty, prosthetics, advanced mold making, advanced life casting and body casting, airbrushing, conceptual art, all aspects of lab work, and even more exotic subjects. We will also be announcing many professional industry partnerships and unique advanced program opportunities such as open lab and portfolio classes.