Greetings Everyone!

We are currently in process with our Focus Classes prior to our grand opening. I will be teaching, along with Visiting Instructors, professionally curated combinations of week long classes. Our classes are one week long each, allowing us to focus on specific skillsets that the instructor is highly skilled in. Due to the unique nature of our teaching philosophy, models are required for makeup application classes. We can, however, schedule actor models for students, and of course you can bring your own models.

Each class will be limited to a few students. Due to the restricted availability of the courses offered, we recommend that you take courses in the order listed if you do not have the necessary experience for your preferred course choices. 

Class are located in a larger North Hollywood facility. We will use this space until our new building opens.

 To sign up for early access for future class announcements, access of mailing list mailing list.

 Check back here as we periodically announce our waves of limited availability classes. I am genuinely excited to be on this journey with you!


Ve Neill
Legends Makeup Academy

*Due to the unique nature of our teaching philosophy, models will be required for makeup application classes. Students can bring their own models. actor models can be scheduled for students through the school as well.